Sharjah Falconers Club Membership

Sharjah Falconers Club membership benefits

1- A 15% discount on veterinary clinic examinations for a whole year

2- A 15% discount on the cash service for the whole year

3- For every three falcons serving the Muqwad service, the member gets one falcon for free

4- A discount on falcon training and breeding service at a value of 15% for the entire training period

5- For every three falcons in the training and education service, the member gets one falcon for free

6- Providing a special field for affiliated members

7- Organizing periodic competitions for members

8- Holding various lectures for all areas of this sport for members under the supervision of specialists

9- Providing discounts on falcon food from companies cooperating with the club for members

10- Providing all consultations free of charge.

Terms and Conditions

1- The annual membership fee for citizens is 1000 dirhams for 5 falcons only

2- The annual membership fee for non-nationals is 1500 dirhams for 3 falcons only

3- Compliance with the terms and conditions applicable in the club

4- The applicant must be 18 years or older

5- The club’s management has the right to cancel the membership of any person who does not comply with the club’s laws and regulations

6- Fees are not refundable, exchangeable or transferable.

7- Not to offend the members and staff of the club in any way.

8- Not to trade in any service provided by the club, such as eating falcons and others, to members, and the club has the right to fine the violator and expose him to legal accountability.

9- Registration is done with an ID card