Mr. Mohammed Khalifa Albedwawi            CEO

Our goal is to develop falconry sport. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council of the Union and Ruler of Sharjah- May God save him- for his contribution to the establishment of the Sharjah Club for falcon raisers. The club is one of the specialized clubs in Sharjah to which care and support are given by His Highness for his belief in the importance of falconry as one of the original heritage inputs.

The vision of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah for the establishment of the club stems from his deep belief in the importance of reviving the sports heritage and promoting awareness of the values, customs and traditions of the original UAE, as well as enhancing the interaction of the community with its national heritage and developing events, activities and competitions for the falconry sport to be one of the most important sports.

Through the strategic plan of the club, we are looking for demonstrating such competitions, initiatives and programs that emphasize the importance of the national heritage and the need to preserve and invest it for the benefit of the homeland and the citizen and make it an essential part of future development plans (care and attention to the falcon and practicing the sport) as an important social, cultural and sports path.

The club will gather under its umbrella and sponsor all the initiatives and activities of falconry including tournaments, courses, workshops and specialized veterinary medicine, in addition to a number of events and activities in support of the club’s specialties. We always look forward to supporting each other for the benefit of sport in the country and serving the and maintaining the falconry being the sport of the fathers and the ancestors, in addition to instilling it in the souls of the people of the UAE citizens and keep it from extension, but help growing and spreading as a genuine sport in our local community.

Organizational Chart

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Mohamed Khalifa Al Badaway

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Abdelaziz Sultan

Vice president
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Said Obaid Ali Al Mayyala

General Secretary
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Saed Matar Al Kotabi

Activities and events
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Obed Al Markhan

Marketing & Media
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Salem Saied Ali

Chief Financial Officer
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Abduallah Saied Bin Noumah

Marketing and investment
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Musbah Matar Ali Bin Noumah

Technical affairs and gifted care