Sharjah falconers Club Competition (For Photography)

How to apply

– Photos with ID and contact number will send to the following email: [email protected]
– last day to send photos 23.02.2020

Terms and conditions

1. local and residents of the united Arab Emirates are eligible to participate only
2. The work is compatible with falconry.
3. The contestant only offers 3 photographs
4- Follow the club’s Instagram account @sharjahfalconersclub
5- The images are presented on e-mail or CD in Jpeg format with a capacity of at least DPI300 and at least 2000 pixels.
6- Submit the pictures without adding any written texts such as time, date and signature of the photographer or his name
7- Participation in black and white and colored images is accepted and allows modification of posts (such as color and lighting) provided that it does not disturb the composition of the original image, and do not accept posts with composite images.
8- Photo will be rejected if there is incomplete data such as telephone numbers, ID.
9. The participant undertakes that the ownership of the image rights provided is fully inclusive, including all elements in the images and the creative ideas related to them, not copying, transmitting or adding them to any of the works of others.
10. The participant undertakes that he has obtained all the approvals of the persons in the submitted photographs and allowed to be published in books, publications or exhibitions under the above conditions.
11. The relevant authority has the right to dispose of the submissions photos in any way without reference to the owners.
12. A specialized committee will arbitrate and its decisions will be final.