Sharjah Falconers Club Championship for Talwah 2020

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of the Sharjah Falconers Club Championship (Lilwah) – for the public

– Installing the smart ring for falcons in the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club and Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center in Dubai is mandatory.

– Activating the smart rings at the Hamdan Center in Dubai for chicks and jernas is mandatory.

– Preparing the falcons to be involved via the website with a number of (3 chicks + 3 geraniums) only for each participant

– According to the new mechanism, the participant attends the field only once and releases all his falcons, in order to facilitate it.

– Commitment to the national dress according to the nationality of each participant, especially at the starting point “the threat”

– The citizen participant is obligated to threaten his falcons or to delegate another citizen.

The suspension of preparation for the tournament will be at 9 pm on Monday, November 30, 2020, as the last date for registration and for making the lottery.

– The lottery is made for the contestants and not for the falcons, as each participant will get the threat number, which is the same as the number of the parking lot of his vehicle assigned to him at the starting point. by text message

Divide the participants into groups (every 3 participants are a group, taking turns threatening to make room for them.

– 6 falcons only for each participant as a maximum (3 chicks + 3 jernas) of any category he chooses.

– Facilitating and motivating the hawks before entering the participants’ parking spaces. It is not allowed inside the parking lots.

– You must come half an hour before the approximate launch time to which it was sent. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter and their participation will be cancelled.

Threats alternately so that each participant and his assistants can arrange and arrange their affairs and not be late.

– Open competition competitions will be held on 2.12.2020 & 3.12.2020 only.

– The results are displayed directly and will be announced on 3.12.2020, after the end of all open competition entries, except for the pure category, which will be announced on 5.12.2020 until the end of all entries for the two competitions.

– Local competition competitions (Sharjah and Northern Emirates) on 4.12.2020 & 5.12.2020 only.

– All results, including the Pure Gear category, will be shown directly and will be announced on 5.12.2020, after the end of all participations in the two competitions.

Honoring the winners of the first five places at the club’s headquarters, and a day will be allocated for them.

– Taking into account and in order to preserve public safety and according to the required precautionary measures, please adhere to the following: –

1- A Covid-19 (Corona) test is carried out one day before the start date and the result of the examination is brought.

2- The number of passengers does not exceed 3 for each vehicle.

3- Wearing a mask is obligatory, adherence to social distancing, non-mixing and gathering of participants.